Thursday, July 21, 2011

My First Post Promises

Dear Readers,

I would like to begin this blog by making a few promises to all of you.

1. I promise to upload a minimum of 1 post every week.

2. I promise to never use slang abbreviations such as “lol”, “wtf”, and “fyi”. Although, I may every once in a while use emoticons. : )

3. I promise that if I do abbreviate something I will explain what it is the first time I mention it in the post. (I once read a bunch of blog posts that mentioned using “evoo”. I thought it was some kind of spice I had never heard of before, but really it was just Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Yeah, I felt really silly after that).

4. I promise to keep my posts full of attractive photos with as little wordiness as possible.

5. I promise to proof-read my posts before uploading them. You're welcome.

A Vegetarian in Manitoba Without a Clue
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