Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Trip to the St. Norbert Farmers' Market

My mother and I have a long history of traveling to the local farmer's market on Saturday mornings. Once summer begins we both get so excited about the fresh veggies and baking we know are waiting for us at the market. I think this excitement has grown ever since we moved and no longer have our own garden in our backyard full of fresh peas, beets, lettuce, and oh so sweet and crunchy carrots.
Yesterday we made the trip over to the St. Norbert farmer's market and were delighted by all the beautiful and organic veggies that were on display.
For those who are interested in going to the St. Norbert farmer's market one saturday morning, it's located at 3514 Pembina highway and runs from 8:00am-3:00pm. Parking. Is. Terrible. So prepare yourself. : )
For more info, check out
While the vegetables on their own would make this trip to the market a great experience, it's the baking that makes it extra special! Plus, here at the market you have a chance to talk face to face with the people who have made all these wonderful treats unlike going to the regular grocery store where there's no one to be found.
We were able to pick up some of these freshly made donuts and actually had them for breakfast while we walked around the market. They were soft and glazed on both sides, but without being too sweet. Just wonderful. 
Mmm, sugar cookies. Don't they look beautiful? I didn't get a chance to buy one since I had spotted some fudge near the entrance and had only brought so much money for my sweet tooth. I did, however, overhear the man behind the table explaining that the cookies were preservative free and handmade. The creator of these pretty cookies is The Sugar Cookie Shoppe and you can check them out at their website,
And now the fudge! Such soft, sweet, and chocolaty goodness should not exist. I can't remember the name of the place where I got this, but they told me that they'll be moving into The Forks permanently soon. Many of you may have noticed that the fudge place disappeared a little while ago from The Forks. I was so surprised on Canada Day when I went there and there was no place to buy any fudge. Thankfully though, that will change soon. 
Along with the fudge we also bought a Cranberry Orange loaf cake from one of the tables. Sweet, tart, and peppered with orange zest. I wish I had more right now.
The cherrie on top was definitely this bag of peas that my mother bought. Sweet, and the perfect addition to our stir-fry.
I have a feeling I'll be going to the St. Norbert farmers market consistently for the rest of the summer. It's open till 3:00pm which means I can sleep in, it's not too crowded, and there's always new creations to discover every week. 
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