Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Another Trip to the St. Norbert Farmers' Market

I'm ashamed at just how much I enjoy going to the Farmers' Market on Saturdays. I go there, spend twenty minutes picking up the vegetables I want, then spend almost an hour just walking around, talking to folks, and taking pictures of all the cool and delicious things I see. 
I believe there is another Farmers' Market located in Winnipeg, but the one I go to is in St. Norbert. To find it is really easy. Just drive south on Pembina highway until you pass the perimeter. Keep going until you reach a huge amount of traffic caused by the many people from all over the city trying to find space to park in order to go to the market (although I've been told that if you go closer to when the market opens at around 7:00 or 8:00, it's not so bad). 
So I think I have a problem. You see, I hadn't eaten fudge for years until this stall came to the market this summer. Now it seems like every week I'm making my way through the crowds to get my hands on some delicious fudge every Saturday. I have no idea what I'll do with my newfound fudge addiction once the farmer's market closes in the fall. 
Handmade pierogies.
So instead of a waffle like last week, my mother and I grabbed a handmade donut to share. If there's one thing I would tell people before they came to the market, it would be to not eat breakfast. I made that mistake the first time I came. 
Look at that. There's even entertainment for the families. To be honest, I never would have noticed this man making balloon animals if my mother hadn't pointed him out, so be sure to keep your eye open. He's at the opposite end of the vegetable section and will probably be surrounded by a swarm of kids and their parents. 
Aren't these amazing? I spoke with the woman who was selling these mini paintings and she said that they're great to buy for your office. I believe that since it would probably be a lot easier to have one of these on your desk or shelf than to hang a full size painting. 
So this past trip I took a lot of pictures of the things I had mentioned in the last post on the Farmers' Market, but had the not pictures for. This is because, while everyone knows that there's amazing home grown vegetables at the farmers market, not everyone knows about the many other cool and interesting things that can be found there. Anyways, I hope this post helps those who have yet to discover all the wonderful things at the market. 
Now onto the fun part. Look at my spoils!
Along with getting fudge every week, I also seem to be hooked on buying a different type of quick bread. 
These beautiful treats were bought from The Sugar Cookie Shoppe stall. It turns out they have cards that they stamp every time you buy a cookie. Buy six, get one for free I think. Another reason why I love The Sugar Cookie Shoppe. 
And finally, the fudge. I really wanted to try the maple, but just couldn't give up getting the chocolate, so I got both. : )
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