Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Daily Eats: A Trip to the Lake

I mentioned in my last post how I spent my weekend out of town with some family. Well, I managed to snap a photo of some of the berries myself and my cousins used to pick when we were younger. Don't they look beautiful? I think they are Saskatoon berries, but I'm not sure.
So here are some pictures I have snapped of different things I have been eating. To be honest, there haven't been a whole lot of big meals. Mostly I have been throwing together whatever fresh fruit and veggies I find in the fridge.
Peeled cucumber, cherries, and a yellow bell pepper.
I bought this little frying pan weeks ago and a store where people donate old clothes and used items. It was only .99 cents. I haven't used it yet, but now that I'm on vacation it's on my to do list.
Skim milk, and orange bell pepper, plain no-fat greek yogurt, fresh cherries and blueberries.
 What is this pineapple doing upside down in a bowl full of water? Well, you know how when you eat a lot of kiwis or pineapple and your tongue starts to tingle? I read online that a solution to that would be to leave the pineapple in a bowl of water upside down for a few hours. I'll let you know if it works since I just took this picture this morning.
And now the lovely frozen grapes. I've been eating a handful every evening since my first post on frozen grapes. They are a really cool and sweet treat that is perfect for the summer.
I look forward to the next few days. I won't tell you what my next post is, but I'll give you a hint. I had to pull out my ice-cream maker to make it!
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