Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Experimenting With Sushi

This weekend I had a chance to finally experiment with making my avocado rolls. I normally stay away from white rice so I've been eager to find a different way to make my homemade sushi. 
This is a combination of white rice and quinoa. Since they both cook at the same time and use the same amount of water, it was really easy to measure what I would need. Half rice, half quinoa, twice the amount of water of the two combined.
The final product. The quinoa didn't hurt my efforts to make sushi that wouldn't break apart.
After the great experience I had with the rice and quinoa combo, I decided to try just quinoa. Sadly it didn't work so well. The rolls fell apart and the texture was just too different for my taste. I was able to take some pictures that didn't look too bad, but when I started eating it, the whole thing turned into a huge mess. 
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  1. Hey Vimwac.
    Love the photos on your site. The last one in this post should be in a magazine. Awesome.