Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hectic Days

It's been really hectic at work these past few days with my summer job coming to an end in a few weeks, so I've been keeping things simple and falling back on the things I know how to make in order to save time. However, yesterday was a stat holiday for myself and many others here in Manitoba, so I was able to relax, work on the blog a little, and plan for the rest of the week. 
Always a favorite, the rushed fruit smoothie. I found I was able to make it with less milk which has made it thicker and a slightly darker colour than the one I showed in a previous post.
Then for dinners it's been a lot of vegetable stir-frys with quinoa and a little teriyaki sauce. I like my stir-frys to be full of colour, can you tell?
And then the watermelon. Pre-packing is another thing I have been doing to save time and watermelon is something that can easily be pre-packed without having to worry that it will go bad or soggy by the end of the week.
On a side note, here is what I ate for lunch on Sunday. Freshly cut watermelon, a glass of milk, and some of that wonderful Carrot and Cranberry bread I bought at the farmers market on saturday. The nuts weren't very noticeable in the last post, but they sure are here.
And the watermelon was delicious and beautiful as always. I hope everyone enjoyed their monday off as much as I did! : )
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