Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Learning to Make Sushi

This is the third roll of sushi I made. The first two? Let's just not talk about those. 
I'm not the biggest fan of sushi that has raw fish, so whenever I go out with friends I order various vegetable rolls. Over the weekend I decided to give making my own vegetable rolls a try and made some of my favourites. The capa maki roll (Cucumber roll), avocado roll, and the cucumber avocado roll. Turns out, it's really easy.
Boil your rice. Although I hate eating white rice, I thought it might be best to stick to the basics for my first time making sushi rolls. Next time, I'll definitely try to substitute the rice with something that's better for me.
Cut up your fillings into nice thin strips.
Lay out your laver/seaweed, cover it with a thin layer of rice with a small gap at the top, lay out your veggies on the end, and prepare yourself for the hardest part.
Rolling. I've been told that a bamboo mat isn't necessary to make sushi rolls, but I found it really helped me keep the rolling nice and even.
Finally, cut your roll into six or eight equal pieces starting from the middle and working your way to the end. Be sure to use a sharp knife. Trust me!
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  1. Your rolls turned out very well! Very pretty to look at :) I did my first attempt a couple of weeks ago and definately agree with you about having a sharp knife! What did you fill yours with the first 2 times? :)