Monday, August 1, 2011

More than Veggies

Today's post is about the things you can buy at the farmers market that don't grow in the ground. This Saturday I let my mother pick out the vegetables for the week while I roamed the area looking for different things to take pictures of, such as homemade baking, preserves, and even crafts.

After seeing The Sugar Cookie Shoppe stall last Saturday and all of it's beautifully handcrafted cookies, I decided to make a quick stop to see if there was anything not so elaborate but equally delicious that I could buy. Turns out they were giving out samples of mini dots half the size of the ones in the above picture. Wow. The cookie was soft and sweet and the icing was full of flavour. It was all so amazing I decided to buy a bag.
Homemade tarts. One of the things I love about these tarts is that each one is different from the next so you have the chance to choose one that meets your preference such as thin crust with lots of filling or vice versa.
Something my mother and I noticed last week was people walking around with waffles topped with either strawberries or blueberries. Well this time we found the waffle stall! The place also makes really good coffee which my mother loved. We decided to get a waffle to share and top it with strawberries. I wonder if they would be able to put strawberry on one side and blueberry on the other. I guess I'll have to find out next week. : )
Of course we made another trip to the lovely fudge people to buy some more fudge. Again they were giving away small samples. Yippee! I also discovered that they sell Cotton Candy and Candy Apples, something I hadn't noticed before because of the beautiful fudge displayed at the front. 
We also decided to grab another loaf cake. This time it was Carrot Cranberry. Definitely not as sweet as the Orange Cranberry loaf we bought last week, but just as delicious. 
You may have figured it out already, but these beautiful treats are actually soap! I was completely fooled because they look so realistic.
This inuksuk may not seem very special, however, my mother has decided that it will be the perfect addition to our rock garden. Merry Christmas Mom!

There are so many other things that can be found at the farmers market that I didn't get a chance to take pictures of such as free run eggs, hand made belts and jewelry, hula hoops, freshly made pierogies. Just way too many things!
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