Monday, August 8, 2011

Never Has Dessert Tasted This Way

Those who know me know that my favourite fruit is watermelon. Therefore, I am constantly trying to find different ways to eat it. The other night I got this great idea to make Watermelon Creamsicles, so I froze a container of watermelon, put the pieces into my food processor with some milk and plain yogurt, and then popped it into popsicle molds. The result? Let's just say it wasn't all that great. 
I still get the feeling that last night's dessert would have been a success if I had just stopped here. Leave the yogurt, forget about the milk, just have plain frozen watermelon! I tasted the mixture at this point and it tasted like a watermelon flavoured snow cone. Way better than the creamsicles. 
But in the end I added the other ingredients and everything looked really good so I followed through with my original plan putting the mixture into the popsicle molds and a glass container. 
After everything had solidified in the freezer over night, the final result was a flavourless and watery mess that tasted no where near as amazing as plain watermelon chunks. I am sad to say that I have learned my lesson, and it will be a while before I experiment with my favourite fruit again.
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