Thursday, September 1, 2011

Daily Eats: So Many Hard Boiled Eggs

This was yesterday's breakfast. A simple whole wheat waffle topped with lots of bananas and blueberries, with some organic blue agave syrup on top for extra sweetness, served with a tall glass of skim milk. For the recipe that I use to make my whole wheat waffles, click here.
In other news...this is radish kimchi! In my house! I'm so excited! Kimchi is a spicy Korean side dish normally made with napa cabbage, however, there are a lot of variations such as radish kimchi, cucumber kimchi, and pony tail radish kimchi. Normally kimchi isn't allowed in the house because my mom dislikes it so much. Thankfully though, I'm on vacation and have a chance to eat it while my mom isn't home.
Lunch was watermelon, radish kimchi, three hard boiled eggs, and an orange bell pepper.
And then dinner was a leaf lettuce salad with two more hard boiled eggs. Why so many hard boiled eggs today? Well, my mom was supposed to make devilled eggs for a potluck, but ended up bringing something different, leaving over a dozen hard boiled eggs in the fridge.
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