Monday, September 26, 2011

Delicious Banana Ice-Cream Success!

So here it is. Delicious banana ice-cream photos from the start of the process to the very end. The instructions are so simple,

  • Cut up bananas 
  • Put them into the freezer for a few hours
  • Put the frozen banana into a food processor
  • Let the processor run until the banana chunks look like the photo above
  • Enjoy!

Now here is where I went wrong before. The pieces of frozen banana stopped moving after a while and I thought the ice-cream was done. But that wasn't the case. In this picture if you look at the bottom of the container, slowly the pieces are being turned into a frothy white substance that resembles ice-cream. Leave it alone for long enough, and it starts to look like the picture below.
And then finally the finished product. The consistency is similar to soft serve ice-cream, and it also freezes fairly well if you have any left overs.
It still amazes me to this day just how easy it is to make banana ice-cream. The only work you have to do is cutting up the banana...and waiting.
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