Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Perfect Rose

This is it. I promise I won't bother you with boring pictures of failed icing roses on little cupcakes anymore. Just look up, or down, and what do you see? A beautiful icing rose. I took a break from my homework today and decided that I would have some fun and work on my roses some more (that's right, my idea of fun is slightly different than others). Low and behold, as close to perfection as I am ever going to get.
The next time you see a cupcake with a rose like this will be when I make a tutorial on how to make icing roses.
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  1. Dear Vimwac
    These are lovely!
    Can't wait for the tutorial.
    Most icing roses are big blobs and its too much icing with small cake coverage. I like this pattern better. Its pretty and covers the cupcake well.

  2. Wow I am impressed. Excellent work!