Monday, September 12, 2011

Yay! Cupcake Designs!

So this weekend, even though I had so much homework to do (I miss high school) I just had to make some cupcakes. I know, I have a problem.
With my Grandmother's set of various icing tips at my disposal and a fresh batch of cupcakes to work with, I set off to create some beautiful icing designs. I think some of them turned out really great, the only sad thing is that it was very hot, so I didn't have a lot of time to take pictures before the icing would start to melt and slide all over the place.
This last picture was my attempt at making a rose. As you can see I still have a little more work to do. 
Also, I just thought I would mention that this beautiful pink colour in the icing did not come from dye. Actually, my mother and I don't have any dye in the house. So how did we get this colour? We took some frozen raspberries, let them thaw in the fridge overnight, and then we used the juices to make the icing pink. We also added in some extra icing sugar to make up for the added liquid. I think it turned out really well and the raspberry juice added a touch of extra flavour to the mix. 
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1 comment:

  1. Hi Vimwac
    I really like your suggestions of using fruit juices to colour your icing. Food colouring is so artificial. Have you tried to make any other colours? Hmmmm maybe a blog post about colouring icing is in your future.
    Keep up the great work!