Friday, October 7, 2011

CheeCha Puffs, My New Favourite Snack!

A few weeks ago, if you had asked me what my favourite snack was, I would have answered "frozen grapes." But things have changed. There's a new favourite in town and it's called CheeCha Puffs!
Before I continue, I would like to mention that this is not a sponsored post, I just really want to share this awesome snack with you.
One of the biggest things I like about CheeCha Puffs is the variety of flavours they come in. Original, Salt and Vinegar, BBQ, Dill Pickle, and Triple Cheese are all common chip flavours. But they also come in Luscious Lime, Sea Salt and Spiced Pepper, Mediterranean Ginger, Hickory and Bacon, and finally, Blue Cheese! Talk about an amazing selection.
The bowl in the picture above is the Triple Cheese flavour. One of the things I also really like about CheeCha Puffs is that they don't have a lot of food colouring. I have eaten a whole bag of Triple Cheese and thought to myself, "oh look, my fingers haven't been dyed orange!"
And this bowl above is of the BBQ flavour.
Some of the flavours are also gluten free. They are Original, Salt and Vinegar, Luscious Lime, Salt and Pepper, and Mediterranean Ginger.
So Triple Cheese is definitely my favourite flavour. CheeCha Puffs have a texture that is similar to cheezies, so I'm used to the texture and the flavour matching together. When I first started eating CheeCha Puffs it was a little strange and I didn't like them because I felt as if I was eating salt and vinegar flavoured cheezies. Now, however, it doesn't bother me and I've come to enjoy almost all the flavours (Luscious Lime still gets to me though).
So now lets talk about the nutrition facts. If a bag has 105g at 90 calories per 20g, a whole bag is a little over 450 calories, which is half the amount of ruffle chips. The sodium amount is around the same, but while ruffle chips contain 11g of fat for 28g of chips, CheeCha Puffs only contain 2.9g of fat for 20g of chips. Big difference!
If you would like to know more about CheeCha Puffs, head on over to their website. While looking at their website I fell in love with CheeCha Puffs even more. Each flavour has it's own little pick up line, for example, Triple Cheese says "If you like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain, you'll love this cheesiness." : D
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  1. These guys have been a favorite of mine as well since I began looking for low fat alternatives to everything in my diet. I really feel like I've had a treat after enjoying a couple cups of these. I ordered an entire case of 12 bags in the Triple Cheese flavor only a couple hours ago from my local Sobey's food store!