Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Daily Eats: From Start to Finish

So today I photographed everything I ate. I really wanted to participate in Vegan Mofo  this year but it started in October rather than November like last year, so I just didn't feel ready. Don't worry though, Vegan Mofo is growing more and more popular every year, so I know I'll get my chance next year. 
Now on to the food. Breakfast was a whole wheat waffle with fresh blueberries and a banana. Click here for the whole wheat waffle recipe. 
Then for lunch I had a sliced apple and some peas and broccoli with greek yogurt for dip.
Then for dinner I ate what I almost always eat. A vegetable stir-fry.
I then added teriyaki sauce and served with quinoa.  I took pictures...but they looked awful.
No! It was an apple with greek yogurt! Yay! If you haven't tried greek yogurt before, you really must. Greek yogurt is full of protein and plain greek yogurt is a great replacement for sour cream when you're making dip (you honestly can't tell the difference!). Greek yogurt also comes in flavours like vanilla, so it's perfect as a fruit dip for dessert.
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  1. Hello! You just commented on my blog, and I do listen to JYJ -- in fact, I LOVE THEM. I'm sad about the lawsuit, but I'm being a faithful Cassie and always keeping the faith!
    I love your food ideas, as a pescatarian myself, these meals are just perfect! Def following now ^^ Follow back?

    xx maggie