Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fabulous Food at Momo

Since becoming a vegetarian and cutting out things like red meat from my diet, I've experienced a whole new world of foods. One thing that was completely new to me is Japanese cuisine. Sure, Chinese food has surrounded me my whole life, but things like Japanese and Korean food are completely new to me.
Here in Winnipeg is an amazing restaurant called Momo that provides both Korean and Japanese dishes. The sushi here is fresh and full of flavour and the Korean dishes are authentic and exactly what you would find in Korea, or so I have been told by my Korean exchange student friends.
On Friday evening my mother and I decided to order from the Japanese side of the menu. Here is the vegetable tempura reasonably priced at less than $8.00 and perfectly deep fried with a crispy outer edge and soft inside. This whole plate was too much for me to eat on my own. 
My mother ordered a chicken roll for less than $4.00. She tells me it was great. 
We both laughed at the small slivers of cucumber that managed to sneak their way into the roll.
She also ordered five pieces of gyoza (fried japanese dumplings) for $5.00. She says they were great as well. 
Their beverages consist of the standard water and sodas, and their alcoholic beverages include soju, sake, and wine. Overall, I consider Momo to be a great place for a casual dinner with friends or family. The prices are reasonable, the service was fast and very friendly, and the atmosphere has a warm "mom and pop" feel that is so hard to find in restaurants today. 
Momo is located at 2855 Pembina Highway, Winnipeg, MB. They also have a take-out menu and their number is (204) 275-6539. 

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  1. Y'know I've heard of Momo, even though I live so far away! I've been a veggie for years - 16 to be precise and I have this long list of veggie restaurants around the globe that one day I will go to (WHEN, not if, I win the lottery lol). The food in these pics looks lovely!