Thursday, October 13, 2011

Final Thanksgiving Segment

So here is the last post on this past Thanksgiving. The final thing I put together as an appetizer was a simple vegetable tray with fresh cut veggies and greek yogurt dip.
Here was everything I made all put out together. Please ignore the smooshed deviled egg on the far left. A cucumber fell on it. : )
So these little plastic things are meant to clip onto your glass so that you don't get confused as to whose glass is whose. So simple, and yet, super useful.
Then when dinner time came around I made a few small side things like a small salad, turnip, and steamed asparagus. I look forward to the day when I get to prepare the main meal, however, my other family members that came to visit brought their own dishes like pasta salad and turkey (something I was just a little sad to pass up on, although the gravy may have had something to do with that). It hasn't been all that long since I became a vegetarian so sometimes I still miss it. That's usually when I decide it's time to go out for sushi!
The turnip.
The asparagus.
And now look at what my grandparents brought as a dessert! Morden's Russian Mints! These are my mom's favourite.
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  1. that looks delicious! i know how you feel, when i first stopped eating meat my family always had it, because they wanted me to eat it again. i managed to refuse every time though!

    xx maggie

  2. Wow that looks so good *~* I wish I could cook :c But I did finish Secret Garden actually xD Recently I finished a lot of dramas I needed to~ I love Secret Garden and Hyunbin hehe <3

    xoxo Tifuani