Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Making Almond Butter

So what have I learned after making almond butter this weekend?
It's not as pretty as other nut butters
It takes a lot longer to make than other nut butters
Almonds are really really expensive.
Just to show you how expensive, this huge jar of peanuts costs less money to buy at Bulk Barn than this small bowl of almonds.
But back to the almond butter. Making almond butter is similar to making any other nut butter, however, it does take a lot longer to get it to that perfectly smooth consistency. Peanut butter takes only about 3 minutes, cashew butter takes about 5 minutes, and almond butter takes around 15 minutes. Times may change based on the type of food processor you have, the size of the processor, and the amount of nuts you are processing.
Here are my posts on making peanut butter and cashew butter.
Yay, it's finally done. It took quite a while, but it was well worth it. Almond butter taste like, well, almonds. I think the greatest thing about almond butter is that when I eat it I'm reminded of chocolate covered almonds. I hope that the next time almonds go on sale I'll be able to buy enough to make into a chocolate almond butter.
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