Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Slightly Healthier Taco Dip

So for Thanksgiving I made a Taco Dip plate as another appetizer to go along with the deviled eggs. Oh boy, is this stuff good! Unfortunately, there's a reason for it tasting so great. It's not all that healthy. Luckily, I was able to cut out some of the fat in a few places.
The Bottom Layer

  • 250g of cream cheese (a whole block)
  • 250ml of low or no fat greek yogurt (originally sour cream is used)
  • 1/2 package of Old El Paso Hot & Spicy seasoning (instead of a full package)

Simply put these three ingredients into a bowl and mix them together with a hand mixer.
Take your mixture and spread it onto a plate.  Then take some salsa and thinly spread it on top.  
Next, cut up 1 large green onion and shred a small block of cheese. I used to use Tex Mex shredded cheese, but this time a bought a small block of low-fat sharp cheddar cheese. It tasted the same but was a lot cheaper and wasn't as bad for you.
Then sprinkle the cheese on top, and finish by adding the green onions as a garnish. You can eat this with pretty much any kind of taco chip.
Three delicious layers of taco dip goodness. What's not to love? This taco dip plate is really easy to make and is a huge crowd pleaser. The next time your family gets together or you hang out with friends during a big sports game, give this snack a try.
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  1. That sounds great! Maybe I'll try it next time my family wants chips ^^

    xx maggie