Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Winnipeg's Ichiban Japanese Steak House

Ever since I was really young, I always wanted to go to a Japanese restaurant with huge flames and cool knife tossing. You know, the type of place that makes your food right in front of you, and then at some point sets an onion on fire. Well not too long ago I had the chance to go to a restaurant just like that here in Winnipeg, Manitoba. It's called the Ichiban Japanese Steak House. The biggest surprise of the evening was not the comical act the servers put on, or the fact that my meal came with a dessert, but the low cost. All meals start with a bowl of either miso soup, or vegetable soup, then a bowl of rice, then your main dish of choice (such as shrimp, chicken, or in my case, udon noodles), a TON of stir-fried vegetables, and then finally, a small bowl of ice-cream. My whole meal, entertainment included, came to only $16.00! However, the price goes up if you order meat such as Fillet Minion, which I believe was $30.00.
Now that I have been there and have discovered that my whole meal can cost less than $20.00 as a vegetarian, I know for sure that I'll be going there again soon. Here is what I ate that evening, plus some things my table mates ate. Please excuse the poor quality of the photos. As you can see in the picture above the lighting is really dim in the restaurant. It was almost too much for my poor point and shoot camera!
Miso soup to start.
They have dumplings on the menu that you can order along with your meal.
They also have all the different kind of rolls that you'd find at any sushi restaurant. I believe this is a dynamite roll.
The veggies and meat to cook on the grill.
My bowl of rice to eat with the stir-fried vegetables, and my noodles. Very yummy!
The Flaming Onion!
And ice-cream to finish the meal. Some of the flavours the  restaurant offers are chocolate, vanilla, orange, and green-tea. The photo above is of the green-tea and orange. Very smooth and refreshing. To be honest, I was much too full to eat ice-cream, but this was my first opportunity to have green-tea ice-cream, so I just couldn't say no. It was...different. Some people like it. I admit I got used to it near the end. : )
I highly suggest you give this a try. The experience is great and the cooks have lots of jokes. Just be sure to go with a friend.

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  1. that looks delicious! i haven't had food served like that in a long time, although i know there's a beni-hana in japantown, which is just 30 minutes away. however, it is much more expensive! DX but that dynamite sushi looks like dynamite! (haha)

    xx maggie