Friday, November 18, 2011

Coconut Oil Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

Wow, that title sure is long. It almost took my breath away! So I was inspired to make some home made peanut butter cups after seeing this recipe over at The Edible Perspective. Now I regret that decision. Why? Because I will never be able to eat a Reese's Pieces Peanut Butter Cup again! Like Ashley from The Edible Perspective said in her post, Reese's Pieces are really greasy. Really greasy. Anyways, here's the recipe to make your own peanut butter cups that will taste a lot better than store bought ones and are probably healthier for you to.

Coconut Oil Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups
-2 cups chocolate chips (to make this recipe vegan, you just need to use vegan chocolate chips)
-2 tbs coconut oil
-1/2 cup smooth peanut butter
-1/4 cup powdered sugar (oh dear, I think I used icing sugar...)
-1tbs coconut flakes*
*Ashley's original recipe used some extra things like sea-salt, crispy rice cereal, and candies for the top. Things I did not have.
The ingredients.
So this was my first time using coconut oil. Probably because I couldn't find it in my regular grocery store. I did, however, find it at Bulk Barn, the place where I seem to find everything. Cake decorating supplies, agave nectar, Chee Chas, nutritional yeast, amazing dried fruit, and now, coconut oil. If you have never used coconut oil or perhaps have never seen it, you are sooooooo missing out. It is the best thing EVER! Don't believe me? Just find a jar and open it. I'm sure you'll be convinced.
Use a hand mixer to mix the peanut butter and icing sugar together. Then put it into a plastic bag and cut off the tip in the corner. Make large dollops of the peanut butter onto a wax sheet of paper and then pop it into the freezer to harden.
While the peanut butter is hardening, melt your chocolate in the micro wave. Once it is melted, add in the 2 tbls of coconut oil (yessssss) and stir slowly to mix the two together.
Put a thin later of the chocolate mixture into the bottom of some candy cups. The recipe original used mini cupcake paper cups, but I had some of these in the store room. Then put the tray into the freezer.
 Wait about ten minutes, then bring out your hardened chocolate and peanut butter and assemble them together. Then top the cups with some final chocolate and put them back into the freezer. Don't worry, you wont need to reheat your chocolate, it will stay liquidy for a long time.
After about 20 minutes, the peanut butter cups should be ready. If you want to keep them to eat later, be sure to keep them in the fridge instead of the freezer.
As a last note, for some of the peanut butter cups I sprinkled some coconut flakes on top, just to continue with the coconut theme and to make them look prettier. It's optional though. : )
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  1. These look so delicious and mouthwatering! Luckily I'm making brownies tonight!! (Do you know whether you can substitute the sugar with some other kind of calorie free substitute?)

  2. Hey Halina, I've never used a sugar substitute before, but I hear really great things about Truvia. It comes in a granulated form and has the same sweetness as sugar, so you would use the same amount as the recipe calls for. I hope this helps. : )

  3. Looks so good! Thank you for sharing this- I added it to my pinterest so I can try it when I have some time to cook. :)