Thursday, November 3, 2011

Dried Strawberries Are Better Than Candy

I love Bulk Barn. Every time I go to stock up on peanuts and quinoa, I find something amazing and delicious. Remember the time I found those dried kiwi slices? Or perhaps the dried cantaloupe? Well none of that matters because today I bring you dried strawberries!
Wow, just, wow. These are really good. Those shrivelled up slices of "strawberries" that you find in cereals got nothin' on these babies! I can't describe just how great these are. Just try to imagine the greatness of a strawberry in condensed form. Yeah, pretty awesome.
I really can't wait to use these in my baking. Maybe I'll put them into some cupcakes, or perhaps I'll put them into my first batch of MUFFINS! : )
Anyways, I promise I'm not a crazy person, I'm just really blown away by this latest find at Bulk Barn.
So what's up with this last picture? Oh, it's nothing. I just thought I would give you guys a little sneak peek for what's to come in my next post. This picture above is the end result to my favourite slow cooker recipe. : )
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  1. ooo! Those dried strawberries look so yummy- what a cool find. I've had the dehydrated version and they are definitely not appetizing or delicious looking like those. looking forward to your slow cooker soup recipe post- I can always use another yummy soup recipe. :)