Monday, November 7, 2011

Eating at Red River College's Prairie Lights

Red River College has an amazing culinary arts program at their school. I have a friend who is currently in their second year in this program and a cousin who plans on applying for it next year. Every once in a while during the school year, the program will open the doors of Prairie Lights, the name of their restaurant, and the students will display their skills. The students rotate through the various jobs so that each student will receive the most experience on how to run a restaurant. Some will be in the kitchen, some will be waiting tables, and one will be behind the bar mixing all the drinks.
The food is always amazing. I've eaten some of the greatest food in my life here and I always look forward to the months when Prairie Lights will be taking reservations. But what's really amazing is the low cost of all the food. All the dishes are at a considerably lower price than at other restaurants because the program only charges what it cost to buy the ingredients. Because of this, all the members of my family love ordering their favourite dish from each section of the menu. Speaking of which, here's the food we ate the last time we visited Prairie Lights.
You know, for a place that has "Lights" in the name, they sure do keep the lighting down low, which is why I am very sorry my pictures didn't turn out so well.
Plain butter, herbed butter, and an olive spread to go with our bread basket.
Camembert Eggrolls with Fresh Pears and Cranberry Sauce
Roasted Cornish Hen with Double Smoked Bacon, Fig Stuffing, Lemon Ginger Sauce and Creamy Polenta
Smoked Gouda and Amber Ale Soup with Cherry Tomatoes
Beef Tenderloin with Sauce Forestiere, Celery Root and Parsnip Puree
Pistachio and Peach-Stuffed Manitoba Port Tenderloin in a Port Wine Sauce
Seared Atlantic Salmon with Miso Glaze and Lobster Sphere (My dish! They did have another vegetarian dish without meat, but it was basically a fancy pizza).
And now the fun part. Flambe! This is a student who is creating the Crepes Suzette Flambe. Every time we go to the restaurant someone just has to order the dessert that gets flambed. Because, you know, the kids need the experience. : )
Yay! Fire! Although, ever since going to the Japanese Steakhouse, this hasn't been as exciting.
Chocolate Bomb with Raspberry Centre and Chocolate Glaze.
I'd say this was my favourite part of the meal. : )
Be sure to check out the Prairie Lights website. They have more information on the program, full menus, and even calendars to show when you can make a reservation.

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  1. Oh my goodness what a fun time! Sad day they're so far away :( My boyfriend used to go to something similar to this at Purdue University when he was in college. Those Camembert Eggrolls look like they're to die for! yummo!

  2. That looks splendid, I'll have to check it out sometime.