Monday, November 14, 2011

Eating Vegetarian at T.H. Dang Restaurant

So my friends have been a real help finding different places where you can eat good vegetarian food and can still bring your non-vegetarian colleagues. T.H. Dang Restaurant serves a combination of Vietnamese and Chinese food and is widely known for their huge bowls of Pho. Pho is basically a bowl of soup with rice noodles (yay, gluten free!), onions, herbs, and a very earthy flavoured broth. It is usually served with thinly sliced beef or chicken on top, but they offer a vegetarian version with fried cubes of tofu on top. I didn't ask, but it's likely the restaurant uses a beef broth as the base for all of their soups. For me, having soup with beef broth (or peeling of the peperoni from a slice of pizza) isn't a big issue, but if you want to stay away beef broth, be sure to call the restaurant first to ask (the number is at the bottom of this post) or play it safe and order another dish.
I ordered the Tofu Pho and it came with small plate that had lots of bean sprouts, a small chilli pepper, a slice of lime, and leaves that I think were basil.
So I put all the bean sprouts in and squeezed on the lime. The other garnishes I decided to leave. I'm afraid I can only be so adventurous at one time.
But wow, this Pho really changed the way I look at soups from now on. First of all, I ordered the smallest size they have for only $7. That bowl of soup could have filled both myself and my mother till be were beyond full! I had to ask the waiter to put the rest of my soup into a take out container, because I just couldn't finish it. I don't even want to know what the large looks like. But for the soup itself, the tofu was very crispy and delicious, the noodles were perfect, not chewy or soggy, and the broth was very savoury. The dish wasn't too salty and had a huge amount of flavour that grew as you ate it. I'm really looking forward to trying this out again and maybe even making my meat eating friends get the beef or chicken version just so that they can give this a try.
About five minutes after my Pho came out, the other dishes that we had ordered came out. Stir-fried vegetables and stir-fried vegetables with chicken. Wow, can you believe how dark it got in just five minutes?
So that was my first experience eating at T.H. Dang Restaurant and it certainly wont be the last.
T.H. Dang is located at 1441 Pembina Highway, Winnipeg Manitoba. They also have take-out and their number to order it is (204) 415-5588.

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