Saturday, November 12, 2011

Healthy Bean Burrito

So I've never really made a burrito before until last night. I'm constantly hearing of people just tossing their left over veggies into a frying pan, adding some beans, and then rolling it all up into a wrap of some kind. Normally all my leftovers go into my lunch, so I've never really had the chance to try this out. Well, last week when I went grocery shopping I decided to not plan a meal for friday and just pick up a bag of whole wheat wraps to use with what ever leftovers I would have by the end of the week. The results were pretty great.
Some finely diced onion, a tomato, a shredded carrot.
A can of rinsed kidney beans and half a head of leaf lettuce.
So I threw everything into a pan and then wrapped it all up with some shredded cheese on top. It tasted pretty good. It was healthy, filling, and got rid of some of the things I hadn't used up throughout the course of the week. Looking back, I would have added some taco seasoning instead of just salt and pepper, just to spice it up a bit, but I thought it tasted pretty good as is.
The left overs I ate outside of a wrap on the side.
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  1. I like to make burritos usually in a different way but this looks so much more appitizing and healthy! Will definately try something like this, as I have been wanting to add more beans into my diet. Thanks for the inspiration :D

  2. I have made burritos although a wee bit different but these look so appealing and healthy! I have been wanting to find more ways to eat beans so these look brilliant! Thanks for the inspiration :)