Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Mini Chopsticks from Disney's "Japan"

So I go to university and everyday I pack a lunch for myself. Mostly it's because it's a great way to save money, but also because the veggie options at the school's cafeteria are all pasta dishes. I have no problem with pasta, I'm just not interested in eating it everyday. Anyways, the other day I had opened my lunch, ready to eat it, when I discovered I had forgotten to pack a fork. No worries though, I always carry around an emergency set of mini chopsticks!
Aren't the monkeys cute. When I first bought them I didn't like the design so much, but it was either this or Hello Kitty. Now that I've had a chance to eat with them and I've received so many compliments on how cute they are, I find them so adorable.
I often use these chopsticks whenever I order asian food that comes with wooden chopsticks like sushi from the grocery store, or Thai food from the food court, just so that I can save them at home. I don't know why I do this, but I have over 20 pairs of wooden chopsticks sitting on my desk!
So where did I get these chopsticks. From Japan. Well, the Japan in Walt Disney World's EPCOT actually. Disney has these pavilions for various countries like America, Germany, Italy, China, and CANADA, for people to explore (sadly there is no Korea). At each pavilion there are demonstrations, restaurants, and shops, and it was at Japan's pavilion that I bought these. I haven't been able to find any mini chopsticks like these at the Asian stores in Winnipeg, so I'm glad I bought these when I did. 
Also, here is a picture of the hand-made candy demonstration at the Japan pavilion. This woman would start with a ball of candy, then with her hands and some scissors, she would turn them into the shape of an animal. Finally she would use coloured icing to paint them. Amazing!
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  1. Cute chopsticks! I received two pairs of chopsticks from Japan as a gift a few years back. On the rare chance I make sushi and bring it to work, I use my little elephant and zebra chopsticks. :]

  2. Those are super cute!

    Also: I totally feel you re: the veggies on campus.

  3. Those chopsticks are so cute! I have some very similar to those, and I also have a pair of collapseable metal chopsticks that I just love. That candy is amazing!

    xx maggie

  4. This lunch looks super, super healthy. oh it reminds me that I need to do a slightly bigger effort into eating healthy. Thank you for this idea!