Monday, November 28, 2011

The Tofu Tom Yum from Thai Express

Wow, try saying that title 5 times fast! So recently I told you guys about my love for the vegetable pad thai from Thai Express. Back then I mentioned that Thai Express had a huge bowl of soup the I had often seen people order but was to nervous to order myself. Well, I finally tried it.
Wow, this thing is huge. Really, I think it has 2 litres of broth! Anyways, it was so good. I knew it would be good because it's so popular and I can't imagine Thai Express making anything that tastes bad, but this was so much better than I was expecting! Spicy, full of vegetables and fried pieces of tofu, and a whack of rice noodles at the bottom.
I can't be certain, but this may even come close to the Pho from T.H. Dang.
Also, Thai Express has a website. Who knew? I was looking around and it's actually pretty cool. Take a look and check out their menu online.
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