Thursday, November 10, 2011

Vegetable Pad Thai from Thai Express

Some people have asked what fast food I enjoy, since most fast food involves burgers, chicken fingers, or meat filled burritos. While there's always a subway near by, I almost never go there. Why? Because I would much rather go to Thai Express. Thai Express offers a lot of different dishes that are super delicious, steaming hot, and made right in front of you. They have a ginormous soup the size of a salad bowl that is supposed to be amazing, but I've been too afraid to try it. Someday I know I will, but for now my favourite fast food meal would be the vegetable pad thai.
I actually discovered pad thai through my uncle who can't eat gluten. Normally he would eat stir-fried vegetables with rice at the chinese fast food places, but once he found this dish with it's rice noodles, he's never gone back. Thai Express' vegetable pad thai has a whack load of freshly stir-fried vegetables (always a favorite), bean sprouts, some egg, small pieces of tofu, and rice noodles, all mixed together in a delicious sauce. Plus, you can order it without spices, mild, or spicy.
Then you can add things like hot sauce, peanuts, or my favourite, a few squeezes of lime. Please don't be afraid of having egg in this dish. I know it sounds weird, but believe me, it's delicious. It's so good that one of my friends who can't stand eggs actually loves eating them in this dish.
It's funny, but I remember receiving a gift card to Subway on my most recent birthday and then buying a vegetable sub. Eating that vegetable sub reminded me of why I love vegetable pad thai so much. It's steamy hot, full of flavour, and fills you right up.

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  1. That's awesome. I've never heard of someone who has a love of fast Thai food :) I bet it's significantly more healthy. I unfortunately am ALLLL about burgers and chicken. Bring it on!