Saturday, December 17, 2011

12 Days of Christmas Treats, Day 4: Chocolate Caramel Puff Wheat

So I love puff wheat squares. Really, really, love them. So I'm constantly making them all the time. Well, today was a little crazy and so I decided to make puff wheat squares as today's treat because, how could I get it wrong? I make these all the time. Well, I did it wrong. I added too much butter...and I cooked it for too long! *sob* I ruined it!...No wait, I'm a genius!

Chocolate Caramel Puff Wheat Squares
-6 cups of puffed wheat (you can usually find this in the cereal aisle)
-1 cup brown sugar
-1/2 cup butter
-1/2 cup corn syrup
-2 tbs cocoa
-1 tsp vanilla 

What makes this recipe different from regular Chocolate Puff Wheat Squares is the extra butter, the smaller amount of puff wheat, and cooking the syrup longer, giving the puff wheat squares a more caramel-like texture. It actually reminds me a lot of Crunch n' Munch. Isn't that awesome? 
Bring the butter to a boil, then add the corn syrup and brown sugar.
When the brown sugar has fully dissolved, add in the cocoa and vanilla and use a whisk to get out any lumps of cocoa.
Then pour the syrup into a bowl of puff wheat.
At this point it tastes amazing, warm and gooey, and super sweet, I wish I had just eaten the whole thing right then.
Try your best to get the mixture into a pan. This may require some waiting.
Now wet your hands and pat down the puff wheat into the pan. Let it sit for half an hour (don't put it into the fridge, it doesn't need it), then pop it out of the pan and use a large knife to cut them into squares.  
This stuff is really good, but super sticky, so if you have any fillings or crowns on your teeth, don't eat this because it might pop them out.
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  1. oh, my, goodness! these look incredible. thank you for the comment on my blog by the way! I wholeheartedly recommend making the beetroot relish! (please excuse my approximate measurements in the recipe.)

  2. I'm making these for a change from rice krispie squares for my daughter. Thanks, pinning it!