Thursday, December 22, 2011

12 Days of Christmas Treats, Day 9: Pretzel, Hershey Kiss, m&m Combo

So today I made something really simple. I really needed to make something that didn't require a lot of work, and something that I could make either a lot of or very little of. Well, Laurie from Simply Scratch posted a simple recipe on how to make a delicious looking pretzel, hershey kiss, m&m combination. Perfect! All I needed to do was line them up, heat for a few minutes, let cool, and then devour!  Plus, it meant I could buy as much or as little as I wanted. So after so many days of baking treats, I decided to stick to a dozen of each ingredient. Unfortunately that left me with nothing left over to re-do the recipe if I failed...which I did. 

Pretzel, Hershey Kiss, m&m Combo [source]
-12 Pretzels
-12 Hershey Kisses
-12 Dark chocolate m&ms

So the instructions are simple. Line up the pretzels on a cookie sheet. Put the hershey kisses on top of the pretzels. Baked in the oven for 3 minutes at 350 degrees. Perhaps my oven is a little hot, because I think 2 minutes would have been better and would have stopped the kisses from dying. Now I know to check inside the oven after the first minute and a half, because when I took these out, I did not have the beautiful chocolate kisses that I saw at Simply Scratch. : (
On top of that, when I squished the m&ms into the chocolate, things went from bad to worse.
The photo above is what I was hoping for [source], the photo below is what I ended up with. : ( 
I'm really not sure what could have gone wrong other than the chocolate being heated for too long. The end result was very delicious, crunchy, salty, and very chocolatey, so I would definitely make these again. In the end I'm very glad I only made 12 because that meant I could eat all of them and wouldn't be forced to serve them to anyone.
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  1. these looks so yummy! I've seen pictures of them before and have been wanting to make some but never knew the recipe- thanks! Maybe next time try them with smaller pretzels??

  2. I'm home for Christmas now and I may try and convince my mom to make these! They look like a great treat.

    @Larissa, I don't think you should use smaller pretzels. What you need it MORE CHOCOLATE! haha.

    It looks as if the chocolate in the "hoping for" picture was darker. Could that have anything to do with your results?

  3. You need to use the round pretzels!! Not the twisted pretzels!!

  4. wow, this looks yummy, never would have thought that its such a simple recipe. Looks very tempting its on my list now, definitely making this. Thanks for sharing :)

  5. I did not have good results with milk chocolate melting. Semi sweet melted better.