Friday, December 2, 2011

Daily Eats: Vacation Time! And Giveaway Winner!

So today marks my second day off . Here's what I've been eating now that I've had a little more time and better opportunities to take pictures with natural light.
Strawberry crepes.
A fresh nectarine with greek yogurt and a raisin tart.
Chocolate chip pumpkin loaf and avocado slices.
I really love being able to take pictures with day light again! Anyways, now onto the good stuff. Last week I posted my first free giveaway and said that I would be announcing the winner today. Thanks to all of my invisible internet friends that left comments on the post to enter the competition. Both of you are awesome! : b
Picking a winner was fairly simple. It was a coin-toss. Heads CoolCanadian, Tails Chrissy J...Tails! Congratulations Chrissy J. I'll be sending you this fabulous read "Free The Children", along with a christmas letter, and who knows, maybe some treats. : )
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  1. Yaay! :D that sounds lovely! can't wait to receive my price and christmas letter! You will also be receiving some Christmas loving from me! :P miss u!

  2. You made all those food by yourself? Looks really delicious.. (I must really be careful when reading your posts that contain food pictures in them when I'm hungry) And, I salute you for being a vegan..

  3. Those strawberry crepes look delicious! Now I wish my mom would start making them again...;_;
    xx maggie