Monday, January 9, 2012

Café D'Amour, The New Coffee Shop in Town

Cafe D'Amour, a simple and relaxed coffee shop located on Osborne street, opened it's doors on January 3d at 6:30am. Since then, the two young women who own the shop have been busy filling the needs of coffee lovers in the neighbourhood. 
The story of this cafe is a charming one. The two women running the cafe have been in the coffee industry for years and have a wealth of experience. Eventually, they decided to work together to open their own coffee shop and have since been busy baking goodies and brewing fresh coffee. Thus, during the fall they renovated the empty shop on Osborne street and have now opened it's doors.
The cafe itself is very nice and cozy with lots of reading material and comfy places to sit. When my mother and I went in the women were both very kind and helpful in picking out our treats and drink and in the end, we decided to order an apple cider with whip cream and caramel sauce on top.
Wow. This drink was really good. With the whip cream and caramel, every sip made me feel like I was drinking an apple pie. So good. Then the treats we got were a nanaimo bar and a marshmallow square.
Cafe D'Amour is located at 685 Osbourne St. in Winnipeg and is right across the street from the Park Theatre. Their hours are 6:30am-6:30pm Monday to Friday, and 10:00am-4:pm Saturday and Sunday.
If you would like to know more about Cafe D'Amour, be sure to check out their website and their Facebook page.
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  1. Hi VIMWAC
    I have been there and it is awesome. I went for dessert and want to go back to try some other items. Thanks for the great post and for showing the menu. The prices are very good for the quality and compared to others in town.

  2. I started going to Cafe D'Amour about 3 weeks ago, now I'm hooked! Coffees are very good (& reasonably priced), service is always friendly and helpful, food is good and it has a great relaxed atmosphere! Would recommend this cafe to anyone!

  3. I Love PMS Thursdays! The girls who run this cafe are Fan-tastic!

  4. I eat here a couple of times a week and LOVE the enthusiastic service, fresh food and value. Highly recommend it for a quick stop on the go.