Friday, January 27, 2012

The Crusty Bun, Sweet Tooth Heaven

So last week my mother and I found ourselves in the St.Vital area doing some errands. On our way home we decided to stop by The Crusty Bun to pick up something for later. We really didn't know what we would get, we had only heard about it from others, but we knew that they had sandwiches, coffee, and also some baked goods.
Boy, were we in for a surprise. : )
There aren't a lot of places I know in Winnipeg where you can find freshly baked desserts. I know they're out there, but aside from Baked Expectations, I feel as though I'm completely out of the loop on where to find such amazing baked goodies as these.
So it seems as though The Crusty Bun has everything a person could want in a cafe/bakery. Desserts, sandwiches, coffee and other beverages, soup, freshly baked loaves of bread and soft pretzels, really, what more could a person ask for. 
Here's the bakery located at the back of the store, and all the hard working people baking bread.
And look, freshly made bread! I wonder what kind this is.
In the end, we didn't get a sandwich like we though we might, or a drink for that matter. We just got desserts. Lots and lots of desserts.
A Hazelnut Twirl for $2.50.
 A raspberry Jam Buster for $1.60.
 A Nut Corner for $2.50. While I thought this would be my favourite, surprisingly it wasn't.
This was! A Coconut Macaroon for $1.40. I had no idea that I would love this dessert so much, but it totally blew my socks off. Crunchy on the outside, flakey and sweet on the inside, with an amazing taste of coconut all throughout and a thin layer of chocolate on the bottom, this was just too good. 
Oh, and then we bought a bun to eat with leftover slow cooker minestrone. Needless to say it was really good with a bunch of seeds all throughout.
Man, I can not wait for the next time I can go to this place. Everything there tasted so good and wasn't all that expensive. I hope everyone has a chance to go to this place and try one or two of their desserts (I recommend the macaroon!) because it has lots of sitting space and very friendly staff.
If you know of another really great place here in Winnipeg that makes delicious food and treats, be sure to leave a comment or send me an e-mail at
The Crusty Bun is located on St. Mary's Road. For their hours, please look at the photo above near the top of the post.
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  1. EKkkkk!! ALL that desserts, pastries & sweet stuff!!!!! So jealous! ;) Everything looks really good!