Thursday, January 19, 2012

Disney Magic's High Tea at Palo

Before I say anything else, Disney Cruises are the best! Okay, now that I've gotten that out of the way, let me tell you about the "High Tea" experience I had while I was on the Disney Magic back in 2011. It was Mother's Day and myself, my mother, and my grandmother, had decided to make a reservation for High Tea to celebrate. The High Tea experience is only available on "sea days" (day's where the ship doesn't stop at a port), for people 18 and older, and costs $10 per person.
When you first arrive at Palo, you will have a chance to order from a variety of tea selections. After that, the servers bring out little sandwiches for everyone, and then they bring out their famous scones.
The scones are served with Devonshire Cream and strawberry preserves. These were really yummy and lived up to their name. However, looking back now I would have only eaten one if I had known what was to come next.
When we were finished with our scones, the servers brought out this huge double-decker platter with the most delicious looking dainties for all of us ladies to share. Everything on this tray tasted amazing, especially the chocolate eclairs. They also brought out this plate of really fancy pudding type things.
But that wasn't it. Before we finished, our server brought out a trifle for each of us. But truthfully, I was so stuffed by then, I wasn't able to eat any of it other than the whip cream on top.
When it was time for us to go, the servers loaded up a plate with all the treats we hadn't eaten, plus some extra of the kind we really liked, then sent us back to our cabins to enjoy them later telling us that if we left the empty plate in the hall, one of the staff would pick it up. Amazing!
Overall, it was a great Mother's Day and us ladies really enjoyed the whole experience. The servers were very friendly and helpful in choosing which teas we wanted to drink, and the atmosphere in the restaurant was really nice all around.
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  1. Holy Smokes!! My family has talked about doing a Disney Cruise (I have a 4 year old niece who would just be in love). This will be on my list of Must-Dos if we ever do the cruise. Great pictures btw!

  2. That's really groovy! There's something so cute and quaint about tea time snacks. I love those little sammiches and scones. And I didn't even know Disney had cruises until this week when I was talking with one of my young piano students, telling me about her adventures. Coolio!

  3. That sounds so good! Definitely drooling right now.

    xx maggie

  4. everything looks so delicious!!!
    thats good to hear about disney! my family and I are actually planning on going on a cruise this summer!!

  5. I am taking my mom on a cruise coming up in a year or so, and this is sounds like a fantastic idea!!

  6. Wow.. I hope my husband will be up for the "pinky in the air, enjoy Earl Grey with a Masterpiece Theater accent" kind of moment with me because the amazing mother-sisters-daughters who would Love lOve Love this, are either in heaven or can't make the cruise or are only 12 years old!
    I think he will be a good sport as long as he gets to have iced tea and he doesn't have to wear a big hat!
    Lovely photos! Thank you for posting this.

    ... Maybe this is a bit of heaven!