Monday, January 2, 2012

Hello 2012, a Few New Years Resolutions

I guess it's time for me to wake up and get back to reality. These past few days after Christmas have been full of good times. I finally got to go see the new Twilight movie with my friends, had a chance to sit in at the Legislative building and watch some of my old friends participate in Youth Parliament, ate lots of delicious food, ate some more delicious food, and now I have finally decided to say goodbye to those care-free days of bad eating and partying late into the night and make a few resolutions for the new year.

In order to get my healthy eating back on track and to give my body a break after so many days of eating sugary treats and large family meals, I have been looking into creating a short detox program for myself. I first heard about what a detox was through reading about Ashley and Stephen's month long detox over at (never home)maker (congratulations to their new born baby girl, Ada) and since then I have been learning more about the benefits of giving your liver a rest and using things like yoga and increased water consumption to clean out your system and have you feeling brand new. I still feel like I have much to learn on detoxing and am not quite ready to go on an official detox, so I have taken out a few books from the library to look through during these last few days of vacation and will let you guys know what I learn.
Until then, here are some of the more simple new years resolutions I have made.

Almond milk! This year I wanted to take another step towards becoming a vegan and after discussing it with my mother, I have made the move from cow's milk to almond milk. From now on when I make myself hot chocolate at night, or a fruit smoothie in the morning, or even when I bake cookies, I will use almond milk. So far I have picked up 2 kinds of "Silk" almond milk and they are both really satisfying, but if anyone has suggestions, please let me know.
Eat more avocados! That's right. The fruit I once refused to try I have now become quite a fan of after hearing about it's nutritional qualities. As of now I only eat avocados in rolls of veggie sushi, but this year I shall make the effort to incorporate avocados into my diet more. 
Get myself a salad-spinner. The days of washing lettuce and letting them dry in the dish rack are over! As soon as I have the opportunity I will buy myself a salad spinner with my Christmas money and I will once again be able to do the dishes when ever I want...Ahahahaha!
Use my Ebleskiver pan! I bought this donated "apple pancake balls" pan months ago at Value Village and have never used it.
Eat more apples! Pretty simple. For some reason I have forgotten about apples and it's time to bring them back into my life. Hey, I could kill two birds with one stone if I use my apples to make "apple pancake balls" in my ebleskiver pan! Genius!
Happy new year again! I hope everyone has success with any new years resolutions they have also made for this year.
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  1. I always enjoy hearing what other people's resolutions are for the new year- firstly, good luck with the almond milk. I think you made a good choice; I do miss ice cream, but since I have a lactose intolerance, swapping to rice milk was the best decision I ever made. You should check out The China Study sometime, its a great book that discusses diet and food and milk/meat. Second, I love that you were drying your lettuce in the dish rack- hehe. Lettuce dryers rock. And lastly, I did change my blog layout (thanks for the compliment- I wasn't sure if it was too much or not).

  2. Silk Almond milk is DELICIOUSLY AMAZING and I love it very very much (because I hate cow's milk very very much) <3 Another great place to get almond milk is from Whole Food's or Trader Joes, or Canada's equivalent if neither are in your area. You should also try soy milk, it's really good.
    Avocados taste really good as a quick snack, cut it in half and take out the seed, then sprinkle some salt and squeeze some lemon on it and viola! But you can also put it on toast.
    xx maggie

  3. I do love resolutions!! and I commend you on making a change from vegetarian to vegan. it's something that I would love to do myself (I am currently an ovo-vegetarian, meaning I eat no dairy but I eat RSPCA-approved free-range eggs), but I'm not in a position to do that at the moment.

    let me know how the almond milk goes! to be honest, I've never actually had almond milk before!

    good luck, and I wish you all the best for 2012 :)

  4. Mmmhh I love almond but have never seen almond milk!! I shall investigate this...
    Hello from BSN

  5. I think you swapping to almond milk is a wonderful decision, especially stepping towards going vegan. I've never tried it before... I drink rice milk (due to lactose intolerance). I know of a perfect book you should read, The China Study- you should check it out. I also think its adorable that you were drying your lettuce in the dish rack- you'll love the lettuce dryer. :)

  6. Wow almond milk, i have never heard of that before!, also Never seen it in New Zealand.

    I drink Soy milk, or No lactose Cows milk, since im lactose intolerant. I would suggest trying soy, it's really nice, but i've found that i can't bake with it very well, so i use the no lactose milk :)