Friday, January 6, 2012

My Brand New Salad Spinner

TaaDaa! Meet my brand new salad spinner. At first I wanted a spinner that had a pump on the top that allowed you to spin the lettuce faster and easier, but they were between 50-70 dollars. This one was some where in the 20 dollar range and works just as well.
This spinner has three parts and is really easy to clean. The lid has the handle and also has a button that allows you to stop the inside container from spinning. The inner container is easy to remove for cleaning, and the clear container captures the water that flies off of the lettuce and is also really easy to clean.
And here is my first bowl of lettuce that was dried by my new salad spinner. See how happy the bowl is?
In other news, in order to get back on track with our eating, my mother and I bought a whack load of healthy food full of colour and nutrients.
And here are some of the other things I've eaten these past few days.  Some baked salmon, home made vegan hummus, avocados, and for dessert, fresh strawberries with greek yogurt.
Well, school has started again and I can already tell that the new semester is going to be a busy one. Best wishes to every one out there who has made the decision to get back on track with their healthy eating. I'm still feeling really guilty about all the sweet stuff I ate over the break but I'm not too sure how long I'll be able to go with out baking.
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  1. BEGONE the days when you rinse salad by hand! :D too bad I'm still stuck doing that :P it's time for me to invest in one!!

  2. I'm glad to hear you are enjoying technology in the form of a lettuce dryer. :)) It will definitely make life a bit easier. mmm... fresh veggies and baked salmon.

  3. salad spinner is also one of my favorite kitchen gadget because I always make salads for my family. I love your spinner especially the color of it.

  4. Congrats for having this special kitchen gadget. I know you also love preparing salads... hope we can exchange recipes. Thanks!