Saturday, January 7, 2012

Reminiscing About Dinners Past

A few minutes ago my mother turned to me and asked, "why do you keep sighing? Are you okay?" Well, no, I'm not okay. I've been looking at old photos on my computer of dinners I had during the Christmas break. Ohh, how I miss going out with my friends, ordering high carb dishes, not having to work in the kitchen...well that part's actually fun! It's the dishes afterwards that kill the mood.
So here are the photos I've been drooling and sighing over for the past half hour. Above is the Fruit Parfait and Cinnamon Bun from Edna Fedya, my all time favourite Breakfast/Lunch place. Below is the Vegetable Pad Thai from Thai Express, in a to-go container.
I also went to a restaurant called "Kelseys" during the break, located on Kenaston. Here's a map. I never noticed before, but now that I'm a vegetarian I have discovered that some menus have symbols like "V" to mark their vegetarian dishes. Yay! I ended up getting their cream of broccoli soup and Feta Bruschetta for dinner.
Near the end of the break I went out to dinner at "Applebee's" located on Pembina. Here's a map. Sadly they didn't have many options for me to choose from. The only things I could order were nachos with no meat, a chicken quesadilla with no chicken, or mozzarella sticks. I was a little surprised that all of their sandwiches and salads had meat, but in the end their soup of the day was cream of broccoli so I was able to have soup and a cheese quesadilla for dinner.
The dessert at Applebee's was really surprising though. Dessert Shooters! It only cost $7.99 for all three and they were way too much for just one person. On the left is the hot fudge sundae, in the middle is the strawberry cheesecake, and on the right is the chocolate mousse. If I were to order just one for myself though, it would be the chocolate mousse. 

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  1. So jealous! The flat bread looks great, and don't worry, I'm in the same boat as you -- I miss all the food I ate during winter break, too. :(

    xx maggie

  2. Man all of that looks awesome especially the cinnamon roll and the pad thai. Hubba hubba!

  3. Oh man i loove Bruschetta! My favourite way to have it is with fresh chopped tomatoes, fresh basil, onion and olive oil with a drizzle of Balsamic Vinegar..its superb! (esp. with home made Focaccia bread!)