Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Vegetable Tom Yum from Thai Express

You may remember that back in November I posted about my first experience eating the Tofu Tom Yum from Thai Express and really loving it. Well, I had a chance to try the Vegetable Tom Yum when I went shopping with my friends over the weekend and boy was it good!

Just a quick tip, this is probably one of the best times to go shopping because there will be no one else around. I guess people are all shopped out after Christmas.
Look at how huge that bowl is. I can just imagine how great this would be if you had a cold.
And like pretty much all the other dishes on the menu, this soup is gluten free because it uses rice noodles instead of noodles with flour in them. I'm pretty sure that aside from their egg rolls, all the dishes are gluten free and have either rice noodles or plain rice.
The way they make the soup is pretty simple. They put some noodles on the bottom, stack a bunch of raw vegetables on top, and then pour in the piping hot broth. So good, especially with a squeeze or two of lime to brighten all the flavours. I think in the end I preferred this soup to the tofu version because of the huge pieces of vegetables floating on top and just how many there were of them. I think this soup is made with chicken broth, which is fine for me who is a vegetarian for the health benefits, but for folks out there who don't want any animal products, be sure to ask first.
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  1. This looks good. I might try to make it at home.

    I like shopping after the holidays, too. Much less craziness.