Saturday, January 14, 2012

Yet Another Great Meal at Edna Fedya

I first wrote about Edna Fedya back in December. Today I'm writing about it again. Truthfully, I have a feeling I'll be writing about it many more times in the future.
But really, how often is it that you go to a restaurant and come out feeling like you've done something good for your body? How often do you go to a restaurant and find everyone's meals equally amazing and full of flavour? How often can you find a restaurant that satisfies both omnivores and vegetarians as well as free range and organic friendly folks? In my experience, not often enough.
Edna Fedya is like a little slice of Osbourn Village that's been transported to the U of Manitoba campus. It contains the same cozy and energetic atmosphere and the same great food as you would find with a place like Stella's or Baked Expectations, with none of the hassle of being downtown, the craziness of parking, or the long line-ups and huge crowds.
During my last visit to Edna Fedya, I ordered one of their sandwiches. While I had had the "toasted tuna" sandwich before and had enjoyed it a lot, I decided to try something new and got the "vegetarian" sandwich served with the house salad. You may have noticed already, but there's no option for your sandwich to come with fries. Actually, there's no fries anywhere on the menu at all. I've yet to confirm it, but I'm pretty sure it's because this restaurant doesn't have a deep fryer. Amazing.
The salad was really good. Probably the best salad I've had at a restaurant. It was full of sunflower seeds and fresh leaf lettuce, and was tossed in a oil based fruity dressing. And the best part was, there were hardly any lettuce stalk pieces in my salad.
And the sandwich was really something to behold. Cream cheese, alfalfa sprouts, tomatoes, cucumbers, and hummus, all served on rosemary focaccia bread. Let's just say that the only bad thing about this sandwich was how difficult it was to fit into my mouth.
Although I was uncertain about the cream cheese, I was really surprised at how well it went with all the other ingredients and the creaminess it added to the sandwich. In the end, I was stuffed to the brim and felt amazing for the rest of the day. If you ever find yourself at Edna Fedya, do not hesitate to order this dish. It was amazing.

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  1. I don't even like healthy food and you're making me want some! If I ever find myself in the neighborhood, I'll have to try this place out.

  2. Hello! You live in Winterpeg, which means we have the whole hardcore Canadian prairie thing in common, where it's -20 and we're all, "bring it on!" Actually I usually say, "man it's cold". But still. I actually lived in Winnipeg for a couple of months, and it's a cool city - Mondragon was my favorite restaurant, but I hadn't even heard of this one. It's nice to go out for food and eat healthy, fo sho.

  3. Ahh you make me wish I lived in Winnipeg! That meal looks delicious, do you want to freeze it and send it to me? :)

    xx maggie

  4. Hi! I couldn't help see that you live in Winnipeg, so do I. :) I'll have to check this place out next time i'm at the U of M

  5. OMG that looks amazing!!!

  6. This is a delicious dish!! Thanks for sharing.

  7. That looks so delicious, I'm getting hungry!

  8. You haven't tried the best sandwich until you've eaten at Potbelly. :9 That is my favorite sandwich shop. But the pics above sure look tasty.