Friday, February 10, 2012

Disney Magic's Cove Cafe Treats

So like I promised, I'm putting up some more of the photos I took while I was on the Disney Magic back in the spring of 2011. If you'd like to read my post on High Tea at Palo, click here.
Today I'm sharing pictures of the Quiet Cove Cafe display case. The Quiet Cove Cafe is located in the adults-only section of the pool deck and is a great place to find specialty coffee and treats to satisfy your sweet tooth. The coffee does cost a little money, but the treats inside of the display case are completely free and serve yourself! I remember the first time my mother and I went on a Disney Cruise years ago. She thought that these treats weren't free, so she never tried any of them, poor thing.
So the items that they put inside of the case varies from day to day and changes from morning to night. At the start of the day are usually biscotti and fancy muffins, through lunch time and dinner it's things like tarts and cookies and other sweeter stuff, and then late at night (some where around ten or eleven?) they bring out antipasto items.
All the photos above are from the selection that was offered when we first boarded the ship, so around lunch time. The photos below were taken during different times of different days.
The two things that you could always count on being there were the chocolate strawberries and amazing brownies which they seemed to have everyday. Although Disney is constantly changing and improving what they offer their cruisers, I'm pretty sure that whenever you go on your own Disney Cruise you'll be met with things similar to what you saw above.
And remember folks, everything you saw in these photos is free. : )
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  1. Wow!I have been on 4 Disney Cruises and never knew these items were available and/or that they were free. I am so kicking myself right now. I know where to head first on my next Disney cruise!

  2. My goodness! I'll die to be there. What an amazing display. I have never been on an Disney Cruise...I could think about it now.. Yummy!

  3. That looks so amazing! I must go on a Disney Cruise one day...

    xx maggie

  4. I might gain 5 pounds in 8 days!
    Looks so fabulous! Thank you for sharing!