Friday, February 17, 2012

Exploring 88Mart in Little Seoul

Here in the south end of Winnipeg is a place people call "Little Seoul". It's a large building divided into three parts. At the front is a restaurant called Seoul Buffet which has both a buffet and regular menu, a grocery store called 88Mart with Korean goods, and at the back of the building is an honest to goodness authentic norebang called "Q Karaoke". I've been to the norebang THREE times now and it is the coolest thing ever! No matter who you are, girl or boy, young or old, you have to give singing in a norebang a try.
So here at the front of the building is 88Mart. When you first walk in, on your left you will see a jewellery and make-up counter where you can buy amazing BB Cream (click the link, it will change your life). The store actually has about 4 different types of BB Cream and they'll let you try each one before you decide to buy.
Then on your right you'll see a small bakery where the staff make fresh baked goods daily and will even make custom made cakes if you call and order one in advance. Just a warning though, while their cakes are super beautiful, they won't be as sweet as a cake that you would get from a regular grocery store.
So their baked goods are definitely a little different than what you would find at a western bakery, but every thing is really delicious, especially those brown and white coconut cookies in the photo above. : )
Oh look! It's the yellow pickled radish that Jung Ill Woo was so in love with in the tv show Flower Boy Ramyun Shop. It's also the same type of radish used for kimbap, Korea's version of sushi.
And then off in a corner past the freezers will all the cool drinks, is a table with hand made traditional shaped dduk with things like honey and sesame seeds inside. Dduk is made with glutinous rice flower and these have been shape and dyed and filled with various sweet things to eat as a dessert.
Napa cabbages to make kimchi out of.
Huge Korean radishes to make radish kimchi out of.
Pre-made kimchi.
Red pepper flakes used for kimchi and a bunch of other Korean dishes.
Gochugung and bean paste in various sized containers.
And then in a corner behind the cash register is a freezer full of Korean frozen treats. See the one in a corner that looks like a fish?
So that's what the Korean market is like in Little Seoul. If you would like to go there, Little Seoul is located on Pembina highway just across from the Canad Inns and Celebrations Dinner Theatre.

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  1. hehe being Asian myself, I definitely prefer Asian breads! They're sweeter, softer and fluffier! But that's probably cause I was brought up with them! ;)

  2. This is very interesting. All new to me and I have never been in Little Seoul. Thanks for sharing it!

  3. i love this it looks great iv never been there but my friends love sweet!;)

  4. been here once on my birthday, we ate at seoul buffet. I really hope more Korean stores (especially cosmetics!) open up here in Winnipeg. thanks for sharing! was looking up the map on the way there but it seems like it takes an hour or 2 thru bus from where I live.