Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Gluten Free Almond Butter Blondies

Well I am exhausted! Some of you may remember me posting about the Manitoba Food Bloggers Meet and Greet a few weeks ago. Well, it took place tonight and it was amazing. I met so many wonderful and kind people who truly love food. I can't wait to show you pictures of the whole event in my next post.
But aside from that great news, I have some other great news. Yesterday I bought my first jar of almond butter. I've made my own before in my processor, but this stuff is definitely smoother than what I could ever make at home. So naturally, I had to try using it in some kind of recipe and ended up stumbling upon this recipe for gluten free almond butter blondies. So not only was this my first time using almond butter, it was also my first time making blondies, something I've had on my list-of-things-to-do for a while.

Gluten Free Almond Butter Blondies [source]
-2 cups smooth almond butter
-1 cup agave nectar
-2 eggs
-1 tsp baking soda
-1/2 tsp salt
-1 cup chocolate chips

So the instructions for this recipe are very simple. Put the almond butter, agave nectar, and eggs into a bowl and mix them together with a hand mixer. Then add in the salt and baking soda and mix those in as well. Stir in half of the chocolate chips and pour the batter into a greased or parchment lined 9 by 13 pan and sprinkle the rest of the chocolate chips on top. Bake for 35 minutes at 325 degrees and be sure to use a toothpick to check and make sure it's cooked all the way through. Allow to cool on a cooling rack.
My amazing almond butter.
The blondies came out perfectly. It's really amazing, but when you taste them, it's hard to believe that there isn't any kind of flour in them at all.
Mmm, I cut these and photographed them while they were still warm because I just couldn't wait to dig in and try them. If you have almond butter, be sure to give this a try because it's really easy and tastes so good. If you don't have almond butter, get some. : )
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  1. Next event, you HAVE to bring some of these. *hehe*

    1. Oh my gosh, YES! I think it would be awesome if at the next get together people brought food to share.

  2. These look completely amazing. Have to bookmark this to try :-)

  3. Oh wow! I didn't know that I can make blondies with almond butter. No Flour:)Great!