Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Photos From My Day at The Forks Market

Ah, yesterday was so much fun. It was truly beautiful weather and the perfect day to spend at The Forks Market with my mother. At the Forks there are things like The Children's Museum, MTYP (Manitoba Theatre For Young People), Citytv, and a bunch of various restaurants and places to eat inside of the main building. On the second floor of the main building is a shopping centre, but we didn't have enough time to visit it.
The Forks is a really great place to go with friends or family and is one of the largest attractions in Winnipeg. During the summer The Forks is bustling with people there to shop, eat, and listen to the performing buskers, and during the winter people go to The Forks to skate and play hockey on the river, go tobogganing, and see the ice sculptures. It's also an exciting place to go to on Canada Day when they hold different activities and have fireworks in the evening.
When my mother and I went yesterday morning we decided to take a look around to see some of the new things at The Forks, mainly the Canadian Museum For Human Rights in the picture below. The Museum is still currently under construction and a lot has been said about it's amazing architecture. All the other photos below are just cool things that we love about The Forks or new attractions that we've never seen before.
A statue of Mahatma Gandhi outside of the Museum.
Here's something cool. The skateboard park. Everyone I talk to loves this place.
The Scotiabank Stage.
The back of The Forks Market, although many people would argue that it is the front. : )
Inside the main building or "the market" are a bunch of snack and food shops. Two of my favourite are Caramel Crepe and the Mini Donut place. We decided to buy a dozen mini donuts since they could be shared. I thought it was so awesome that they made the donuts fresh for us because they're best when they're warm AND we got to watch the machine make the donuts!
The Red River with folks all around playing hockey and skating. These two photos were taken from the balcony on the six floor of the main building.
Mmm, frogurt. The flavour we decided to buy was peach and it tasted just like a creamsicle. I know it's still winter, but frogurt is just so tasty.
Thus concludes my trip to The Forks Market. Oh wait, it doesn't! I still have yet to share my pictures from my favourite place of all at The Forks. But don't worry, those will be coming soon.
If you're looking for fun places to go to with your family or for a date but can't think of anything, try visiting The Forks. Even though it's winter, they still have a lot going on and have a lot of great places to eat. Seriously, I barely scratched the surface on all the cool places to find food, plus I didn't even talk about the restaurants inside and surrounding the Forks.
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  1. Great pictures. I would love to go there, it looks like fun. :)

  2. Great post! I enjoyed it. I love the photographs. It is a very interesting place. I love the look of the doughnuts too!