Saturday, March 17, 2012

Breakfast at the U of Winnipeg's Stella's Cafe

Over the summer I had heard of the renovations taking place in the Buhler Centre downtown and how the University of Winnipeg was going to have it's very own Stella's Cafe! Stella's Cafe is one of those names that makes everybody say "Ooooh" when they hear it, right before they launch into a long story of the last time they ate at a Stella's Cafe and how amazing the experience was. So yeah, I was pretty excited when I heard the news this summer.
Despite that excitement, I didn't actually go to the Stella's Cafe until now, just weeks before final exams! I know, I'm a terrible person for procrastinating this long . But now my days of never having experienced the wonder that is a meal at Stella's Cafe are over. Now I can say, I was there and this is what I ate.
So the reason I went to Stella's was because myself and my group members from one of my university classes were having a meeting there to discuss our final project. Applause for the genius that suggested we meet at Stella's rather than at somebody's home. Anyways, of the group members that were able to come, three of us were vegetarians! How great is that?
So when the server came to our table she gave us menus and started listing off their specials and their different types of smoothies. I almost never order special drinks when I'm at restaurants and usually just stick to water, but because it was my first time at Stella's, I decided to order one of their smoothies. I can't remember the name of the one I ordered, but it was delicious and had almond milk and home made almond butter inside of it.
The menu is almost identical to Edna Fedya's menu with a few differences. The biggest one for me is that Stella's has waffles. Edna Fedya used to have waffles, until they broke the waffle iron making me a waffle one morning, and then decided just not to replace it. I still feel really guilty whenever I'm at Edna Fedya and I overhear someone comment on how they don't have waffles on their menu. : (
The Vegetable Omelette with sautéed spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms, and cheddar for $8.95
The Waffle topped with preserves and either whip cream or ice cream for $5.45
The Veggie Breakfast Sandwich with spinach, tomatoes, fried egg, mayo, and cheddar cheese for $8.45
A side order of Two Eggs and Two Toast for $4.95.
And then next to the cash register they have a beautiful display of baked goods you can buy as you leave. I guess I forgot to mention that Stella's Cafe is a cafe and has a counter were you can order coffees and baked goods like these.
Well I'm glad I finally made it to Stella's Cafe because it was great. The food was delicious, the servers were all friendly, and the atmosphere in the restaurant was very relaxed. So if you haven't been to Stella's yet but you know that you really want to try it, don't be like me and just go for it, because I can guarantee it's going to be amazing.

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  1. oooooohhhh Stellas :) My fav! I adore the Mexican Breakfast. YUM! :)