Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Goofy's Candy Co. in Downtown Disney

Back in the spring of 2011, my mother and I went on a trip down to Florida to go on a Disney Cruise, and while we were there we spent a few days playing at the theme parks and exploring Downtown Disney. In Downtown Disney there are gift shops as far as the eye can see and one of those shops is dedicated to all things sweet. Goofy's Candy Co. has everything you can think of that can make your teeth hurt. Cookies, candy, cupcakes, fudge, and a huge variety of beautifully decorated candy apples. Here are some of the photographs I took while wandering around this store.
Mmmm, glaciers. The equivalent of a 7-Eleven slurpee (or a Kwik-E-Mart Squishee if you live in Springfield). By the way, I live in the slurpee capitol of the world, Winnipeg! Seriously, Google "slurpee capitol of the world" and see what comes up. : )
And now the baked goods.
Look at those giant cupcakes!
And these giant cookies!
Instead of ice-cream sandwiches, they have fudge sandwiches!
And finally the giant rice crispy cakes. I had never thought of making a cake out of rice krispies before, but now that I've seen these I think I just might have to.
It was amazing going into the shop and seeing all of the wonderful treats. I didn't get a chance to buy anything because it was too early in the day to eat something so sweet, but if I ever find myself there again, I have a feeling I'll be buying one of those candy apples.
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  1. holy crap! That all looks delicious! cool store! :)