Friday, March 2, 2012

Pictures from the Manitoba Food Bloggers Meet and Greet

As I mentioned in my last post, I had the opportunity to meet other food bloggers like myself at Elements The Restaurant on Wednesday evening. It was a blast! I arrived about half an hour early with fellow food blogger and friend from university, cenquist, and we had a chance to walk around The University of Winnipeg Richardson College and grab our names tags before the event began. Then next thing we knew, the place was packed with people. So many people came to the event, it was truly amazing. Photographers, journalists, the folks from Half Pints Brewery, and of course, food bloggers.
The inside of the building. You can see the blue light from the restaurant's sign right in the centre of this photograph.
There were tables set up for wine and beer sampling. I don't drink alcohol, but I'm sure it all tasted lovely.
So many people came that evening, I'm surprised we were all able to fit. You probably can't tell from this picture, but inside the restaurant it was hard to move because of how many people came. And the greatest thing was the range of ages of the people that came. There were a few university students like myself, some people who were already retired, and some folks who had just come from work.
Along with the wine and beer tables, they set up an appetizer table with different dishes that they kept well stocked throughout the night. The table had some bread (focaccia perhaps?), corn chips, an artichoke hearts and olive dish, hummus and salsa and another dip, two cheese plates, and a bowl of something I didn't try because it had bacon in it. All around it was very delicious and I really appreciated the fact that I was able to eat so much of it.
My plate. : )
Near the end of the evening they gave away door prizes and everyone was sent home with a gift bag containing small samples of things and other items. It was also mentioned that there are plans for another gathering sometime in April. If that's the case, sign me up!
I had so much fun and met a lot of other great bloggers on Wednesday. I even met another vegetarian blogger like myself! Her blog is called The Fig Tree and she posts amazing recipes on her blog with really beautiful pictures to go along with them (seriously, I'm so jealous).
Well, that's all. I hope everyone has a great weekend!
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  1. Awe, it was great to meet you on Wednesday :) Definitely looking forward to our next event. You'll have to do a guest post on The Fig Tree sometime soon! Hugs!

  2. I loved this post. Very interesting as I have never been to one of these meetings! A bit tricky with small children on your toe but hopefully I will make it one day! Thanks for sharing this.

  3. Great pics! I brought my camera but didn't snap too many. It was a great night and I am looking forward to the next one.