Saturday, April 28, 2012

An Avocado Roll With Rice on the Outside

Last summer I tried my hand at making my own home made vegetable sushi and in the end the results were great. Since then I haven't made any efforts to challenge myself in my sushi making techniques. That is, until today.
I love avocado rolls and normally when I see them in restaurants they are made with the rice on the outside, a style that allows for more filling but unfortunately is harder to master. But after watching some youtube videos, I decided that it was time to try making my own sushi roll with the rice on the outside.
In the end I discovered that indeed, it is so much harder to make rolls that way, especially after I've gotten so used to making them with the rice on the inside! But none the less, I'm glad I've tried making sushi this way, even if it's just so I can share how to do it with all of my invisible internet friends. : )
To make avocado rolls, you simply need some glutinous white rice, some nori sheets (often called seaweed), and a ripe avocado.
To make your rolls with the rice on the outside, you will also need a rolling mat and some plastic wrap.
First boil your rice following the package's instructions.
Then peel your avocado and slice it into thin strips.
Cover your rolling mat with plastic wrap. Cover the shiny side of your nori sheet with a layer of rice and leave a half inch of space at the top. Flip the nori sheet upside down so that the rice is up against the plastic wrap and the half inch of space is now facing you.
Put your avocado near the bottom of the nori sheet. Then use your rolling mat to fold the sushi into a long roll. Be sure to wet the top of the nori so that it will stick to the rice and your roll won't fall apart.
Then use your sharpest knife to cut the roll into six equal pieces, wetting the knife in between each cut. Then serve with some soy sauce and whatever other toppings you like, such as pickled ginger and wasabi.
Well, this certainly wasn't the prettiest sushi I've ever made, but it tasted really great and I'm sure that with practice, making sushi with the rice on the outside will become easier. If you have any tips on how this process could be made easier, please let me know! : )
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  1. Sushi always seems like a intimidating dish to try, but I really like how you broke down all the steps. Looking forward to making my own =)

  2. Very interesting and yummy. Delicious recipe XX