Sunday, April 8, 2012

Photos From Last Easter and Previous Recipes

Good morning everyone, and Happy Easter Sunday! So I have yet to take any pictures of food from this year's family Easter celebration, but I promise they're coming soon. In the meantime, here are photos from last year, as well as some recipes previously posted on this site.
Sorry if the photos are a little out of focus. They were taken long before I had a blog and began taking pictures of everything I eat.
First up is the Raspberry and Cream Cheese Cucumbers. Light, refreshing, and with the perfect combination of sweet and tart, I could easily eat 20 of these.
Next it's the same Deviled Eggs I posted back at Thanksgiving. I love making these because they're really easy, hardly anyone makes them anymore, and folks just love them. They're also great to make when you have a tight budget.
The whole appetizer spread. So colourful!
Various vegetables with Greek yogurt dip in the centre. To make the dip, buy a container of plain, no fat Greek yogurt and stir in some dip seasoning.
At last year's Easter I hadn't thought to try and change the recipe for my taco dip so it would be healthier, so this one is loaded with the good stuff. But here is the recipe for the Healthier Taco Dip.
Fresh Fruit with cherry yogurt for dipping.
And then the desserts! Gluten Free Peanut Butter Cookies, Gluten Free Brownies and an old fashioned baked cheesecake.
The cheesecake was made by my mom and she doesn't want me sharing the recipe...yet. ; )
So that is what my mother and I made for last Easter. Last Easter I wasn't a vegetarian, so I decided not to post pictures of the main meal, but I look forward to this Easter and can't wait to show you the photos of all the delicious food we eat.
Happy Easter everyone!
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  1. What a beautiful Easter dishes. I like them all this is a real fiest. Well done and happy Easter!

  2. WOW! I am totally blown away! This all looks divine! :O :D
    Well Done, I can't even imagine what you did for this Easter!
    Everything looks like things that I would be able to do, the cucumber looks delish and ridiculous pretty :) Plus I would have never thought cucumber and raspberries would go together yum!
    It all looks so beautiful, well done again! :D

  3. This looks beautiful ... thx for sharing!

  4. I'm going to use your great idea for the cucumber bites for my little sister's upcoming wedding shower. So cute!!!