Thursday, May 24, 2012

An Amazing Meal at The Peasant Cookery

Bonjour mon amis! Hello my invisible internet friends! I am currently in Toronto, Ontario, at York University, and I am here to learn "en francais", which is French for French. Ahahaha, bad joke. : )
The "Explore" program that I am currently enrolled in provides all my meals, which is both good and bad. Good, because the University gives me lots of options and so far it has been very easy to continue eating a vegetarian diet, despite being away from home and not being able to make any of my meals. But also bad, because it lessens the chances of me eating meals at some of Toronto's finest restaurants. I can make you one promise though. I will be going to Canada's Wonderland for sure and have already promised one of the other participants (Salute Yuriy!) that I will eat a funnel cake while I am there.
But now for some even more exciting news! I went to The Peasant Cookery with two great friends of mine, Colin from, and Adrian from, and if you would like to read their reviews of the meal, click here and here. I feel as though I can sum up my meal in one word, magnificent. My meal at The Peasant Cookery was truly a great experience and I hate that it took me so long to eat there. I can't thank Colin enough for suggesting we go there to write a review.
Here are some photos of the dishes I ate that evening. Above is a photo of the French Onion Soup, which was great and not too salty, a problem you can often find in restaurants.
The bread basket, which contained three different types of bread, all of them warm and flaky, served with some plain butter.
My main dish, the cheese gnocchi, served with various vegetables and grated parmesan on top. This was my first time eating gnocchi, and I may not have ordered it had Courtney from The Fig Tree not recommended them and explained that they were "like little pillows of heaven". And indeed, they were! Golden brown on the outside, soft and delicate on the inside, and with just a hint of cheesiness, these were absolutely delicious.
And now the desserts! I apologize for the poor quality of the photos. The boys were so eager (that's right, I'm blaming it on you Adrian, Mr. Chocolate Lover) to dig in, that I barely had any time to snap a photo before the spoons began their descent.
Above is a photo of the chocolate pot served with biscotti, the waiter's favourite dessert, and now my favourite dessert. But seriously, what's not to love about a warm and chocolatey twice baked cookie served with a pot of rich and creamy chocolate?
The creme brulee. Myself and the others enjoyed it, however, both Colin and Adrian said that they preferred the creme brulee from Elements.
And the final dessert, three cream puffs filled with vanilla ice cream and topped with chocolate sauce. This was also very delicious, but the ice cream started to melt very quickly (probably because of the warm chocolate sauce).
And here was my bill. Truthfully, I thought this was a pretty low number for the great experience I had that evening.
Overall, things that night couldn't have been better. The food was great, the servers were lovely and very helpful, and the price was surprisingly low.
The Peasant Cookery is located downtown at 283 Bannatyne Avenue. If you are interested in looking at the menu for The Peasant Cookery, click here.

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  1. LOL...little pillows of heaven!!!! :) YUM! Let's go there soon! And we still need to go to Boon Burger together too :)

    1. Oui! And don't forget the goog at the BDI, which I'll definitely need when I get back home after such a long stay in this hot and humid weather. Seriously, it's so HOT! : O

  2. Pretty much sums up the night awesomely. I had a great time and a great meal!

  3. Hi VIMWAC
    "Bonjour", "Salute": look at you and your fancy French vocabulary! Well done.
    The photos are wonderful and the food looks yummy. I haven't tried gnocchi before. Might we see a recipe for "cheesy pillows of heaven" on your blog once you get back home and start cooking again?

  4. This meal was so great. Going back for sure!