Monday, May 7, 2012

A Bunch of Manitoba Food Blogger Events!

Hey folks, I have a bunch of news for those of you in the food blogger world who are currently living in Manitoba. Manitoba Food Bloggers will be holding it's third get together event, Canola Crazy! It will be taking place this Thursday May 10th, from 6pm-8pm, just outside of Winnipeg in a small town called St. Adolphe. As of now, there are only 32 tickets left! Tickets cost $10 and all proceeds will be donated to a charity. Click here to view all the details and order your ticket now.
Here are some of the details...

"Come out to Kelburn Farm for food, fun and farm stuff! MAY 10, 2012
Chef MJ Feeke of Benjamin's Foods and Chef Brent Prockert of All Season Catering will be showcasing local product at their action stations. Both chefs are members of Culinary Team Manitoba and will be competing in Germany at the Culinary Olympics in October 2012. 
Field tours and tractor rides will be available. Did I mention that the tractor is REALLY BIG?
NEW! BRING YOUR KIDS! All kids under 18 get in free! They'll have a blast.
GETTING THERE: We'll be car pooling from St. Nobert's Farmer's Market parking lot.
Kelburn farm is 10 minutes south on Hwy 75 from St. Nobert. A map will be sent out once you register." [source]

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And now on to the second event! Manitoba Food Bloggers is holding it's first bake sale and bake off. The event will be taking place on May 18th, from 10am-2pm at Aqua Books located on Gary Street. Bloggers are welcome to contribute their baking and compete in the bake off, but they first need to register here. Everyone else is more than welcome to stop by to pick up some baking.
Here are some of the details...

"Friday, May 18 10 am to 2 pm at Aqua Books
 Presented by Manitoba Food Bloggers in support of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Day
Please note that you must contribute to the bake sale in order to particpate in THE BIG BAKE OFF, sponsored by Manitoba Canola Growers. Everyone who participates in the Get Your Goodies Bake Sale receives a LIMITED EDITION MANITOBA FOOD BLOGGERS APRON!
Contest Rules:
The fat of choice in the baked items must be canola oil. (no hard fats such as shortenings, lard, other oils, etc) It can be canola oil or canola margarine.
First and second place winners will be chosen on May 18 AT 1 pm
Two samples are needed to enter along with the typed copy of the recipe. Entries will be numbered for the competition. DO NOT ATTACH YOUR NAME TO YOUR SAMPLES. 
The Manitoba Canola Growers will use the two winning recipes on their blog, in their newsletter and post on their Website along with all of their social media
What You Win from the Manitoba Canola Growers
1st place: 4 fantastic gift cards to restaurant using local foods for a value of $200
2nd place: 2 fantastic gift cards to restaurants using local foods for a value of $100" [source]

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  1. I'm excited for the Bake Sale! :) Not too sure what to make yet though!